Gemette Grothman

Color Guard Instructor

Gemette started marching in the winter of 1968 with the McHenry Viscounts Drum and Bugle Corps. She marched in the Viscounts color guard through the 1972 season including participation in their winter guard for four years. In the fall of 1972 she joined the Des Plaines Vanguard winter guard and continued on with the Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps color guard during the 1973 season. The following year Gemette was hired as the guard instructor for the Gurnee, IL Scarlet Knights Drum and Bugle where she taught until 1977.

Gemette has been a member of the Chicago Royal-Airs color guard since the inception of the reunion corps in 2002. During the 2004 season she also served as a guard section leader and was responsible for teaching flag work and drill during sectional rehearsals.