2003 Chicago Royal Airs Tribute Corps

They say all good things must come to an end – well maybe not! Truman Crawford was rapidly losing his battle with ALS. To give himself some incentive in his struggle it was his wish was to rejuvenate more of his Royal Air arrangements. Without hesitation management and membership agreed to a 2003 season of the Royal Airs. John Zimny, who was brought in to help out with the musical instruction in 2002, agreed to help Truman with the arrangements and instruct the horn line. Sadly, Truman passed away on March 3, 2003.

After hearing of Truman’s death, John Zimny arranged a version of military “Taps” in honor of Truman. Called “Taps for Truman”, the Royal Airs performed it before every performance in 2003.

Again the Royals Airs were in demand and performed in Oswego, South Milwaukee, Racine, Woodstock, DeKalb, DesPlaines and Scranton, PA.

As the season was winding down there was discussion about keeping the Royal Airs active as an exhibition corps. The alumni movement was strong, especially in the East, and conditions seemed favorable for a Midwestern exhibition corps to be a viable addition to the drum corps scene. A plan was proposed and implemented to perpetuate the Royal Airs as a senior exhibition corps as long as there was interest among the membership and audiences in the Midwest.

2003 Repertoire

Chicago Fanfare
BallyHoo March
John Brown’s Body / Battle Hymn of the Republic
Birth of the Blues
VooDoo Moon
The Shadow of Your Smile
Chicago Reprise

Additional Songs

Taps for Truman - On-field tribute to Truman Crawford
Abide With Me